Om Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

Om Nagchampa – de Oerklank (spreek uit: Oom)
Om Nagchampa heeft een basis van mystieke amber-achtige en Cassia geuren, gevolgd door de rijke Indiase gouden Champaca tempelbloem, met een topnoot van zoete, zachte Vanille.

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De geur doet zijn naam eer aan en geeft toewijding en stilte.

– 20 lange stokjes (brandduur 1 tot 2 uur).


Mike Mclatchey (wierookrecensent) van Olfactory Rescue schrijft:

In fact as you use these incenses it’s really hard to separate one masterpiece from another, but there’s something in the Om Nagchampa that has made it my fastest used incense in the whole line, I literally have trouble trying to keep from burning my stock up in a couple days. It basically presents a triangle of amber, vanilla and cassia that is simply breathtaking and close to my sense of aromatic nirvana. My idea of the perfect incense is something that manages to be dry and rich at the same time, hinting at sweetness without being cloying. The cassia in this incense is just so perfectly placed that it’s a sheer delight and the amber notes are virtually flawless. As this scent burns it becomes so sublime by the end of the stick that it manages to represent the concept of Om in a way that might evoke ain ineffable response in the user. In fact it’s even difficult to want to burn another incense after this as it leaves such a powerful energy in the air after the last elements go up in smoke. By a long shot my top incense of August and it could be a reigning favorite for a while now.

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– 20 lange stokjes (brandduur 1 tot 2 uur).

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