Hansa Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

Hansa Nagchampa – de menselijke Ziel
Hansa Nagchampa is een interessant mengsel van oosterse en wierookachtige noten, die deze geur heel rijk, nobel en aangenaam maken.

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De geur opent zich met Amber en wordt vervolgd door de fruitig/roosachtige geuren van de Kewda bloem en Vetiver olie (ook de olie van rust genoemd). De zachte zoetheid komt van de Indiase gouden Champaca bloem en Kasjmier Lavendel.

– 20 lange stokjes (brandduur 1 tot 2 uur)


Mike Mclatchey (wierookrecensent) van Olfactory Rescue schrijft:

Hansa Nagchampa is similar to the Arjava only in that it also has a fairly noticeable woodiness in the mix, but essentially this is a scent that returns to the floral/spice mix of many of these incenses. A lot of the main players in the whole line are in this one, including kewra, vetivert and lavender, but as always the addition of other ingredients modify the aromatic contour substantially. In fact, of the entire line this is perhaps the incense I find the most difficult to describe as the ingredient combos seem familiar, but the overall scent has been changed enough to be completely unique. Perhaps part of this is the golden champa scent in what I’d describe as the fourth fifth from top to bottom. The amber here isn’t as strong as it is in the Om Nagchampa but it definitely flirts with the attention around all the floral notes and in many ways actually accentuates these notes so one feels that the florals are dominant to the spice mix in the background. And overall it’s the Kewra and Lavender that make, incrementally, the boldest statements in the mix. But in the end it’s puzzling because perhaps the best word to describe this incense is kaleidoscopic, because at any different time it’s possible to see new interactions among the ingredients. Which means in the end any static description won’t do this justice, as the base and the vetivert that tie it all together are really the only constants.

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