Ganesh Nagchampa 12 kegeltjes

De Hindoe God van Rijkdom en Vriendschap
Ganesh Nagchampa is een wonderschone compositie van verschillende lavendelsoorten.


Het is van top tot basis noot een hele schone, kruidige en groene combinatie van fluweelzachte Lavendin en Lavendel. De pittige noot is verkregen door Rozemarijn, Patchouli en Amber.


Mike Mclatchey (wierecensent) van Olfactory Rescue schrijft:

Ganesh Nagchamp is virtually one of the finest durbars to have been created by human hand, it’s a triumph of the incense making art. One has certain expectations going into an incense that is supposedly “crowned with French lavender oil,” but here the combination is far more than the sum of its parts. While one easily notices the lavender oil as part of the mix, it doesn’t seem typical either bearing witness to a finer quality or just the fact that its marriage with the mattipal base is one of alchemical genius. Although it, like the others in the line, has a strong note of cinnamon as well, the lavender moves it to the sweeter end of the line. It’s so rich, decadent and astonishingly good that even one stick will have one reeling in amazement that one could hit such a perfect match of ingredients. Every incense lover owes themselves a treat such as this.

The Ganesh is an absolute must try, and I’d probably suggest giving the Shanti a go around as a second pick, before moving on to the Ananda and Vishnu. Those that do love the line by this point should have no problem with Lakshmi either and may indeed prefer its milder qualities. One does wonder however, with such a powerful incense line if Mother’s intends to expand and concoct more fragrances as they appear to be onto a good thing where mattipal is concerned. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a new durbar renaissance.

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